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Global Problem Solvers at #ISTE18

Global Problem Solvers at #ISTE18

GPS The Series
One of the highlights for us at the International Society for Technology in Education (
ISTE) this year was the announcement of the Global Problem Solvers: The Series (GPS: The Series), a new Cisco corporate social responsibility (CSR) educational initiative. We had an opportunity to sit down and talk to the team about this new middle school program developed to inspire students to become global problem solvers. img_5538

GPS: The Series embeds problem solving, critical thinking, entrepreneurship and social impact into middle school curriculum by providing students an opportunity to put digital citizenship into action. As our DigCitKids Chief Kid Officer (CKO) shares, “The next CEO is a kid, so we need to include more student voice in solving problems and creating solutions.”

We loved how many student presenters were at ISTE this year. Here are some of our favorite highlights.

Learning Braille With 3D Blocks
This group of high school students from Mexico presented about their
3D Braille blocks. When we asked why they created these 3D blocks, the students responded, “We saw a problem and we wanted to fix it.” Another added, “We want to help people.” 

Students who are solving problems around Universal Design are focused on access for all and when this happens, everyone wins!

Learning Different is OK
This student Ignite session by Elli Bee, a brave third grader illustrates how she is the ultimate problem solver, “I’m like Jack Jack from the Incredibles because I can adjust to any situation.” Imagine if we had more students like Elli? We’d have more global problem solvers who think and act differently.

This sketch note by Amber McCormick  about Elli’s Ignite session says it all. If our students can adapt to anything, they can solve anything too.

This Is the Real World
What are we waiting for? As Leila, a high schooler shared during her presentation, the real world isn’t waiting for us, it is happening now.

We need connected classrooms providing real world opportunities for our students.

What’s Next? 

These student ISTE presenters are examples of Global Problem Solvers in action. Our students are wired to identify and solve global problems and GPS provides them the opportunity to solve social, economic, and environmental problems around the world like access to clean water in Malawi and helping students continue to learn when schools are closed after a hurricane hits the U.S. Gulf Coast.

The best part of GPS: The Series? The resources are already provided and you can make the lessons your own. We are really looking forward to seeing how teachers like Bronwyn Joyce, Michael Drezek and Malinda Hurt bring the GPS  and the UN Global Goals to #OurGlobalClassroom Flipgid to students and classrooms around the world.

How Will You Commit? #digcitcommit 

ISTE asked us how will we commit to promoting digital citizenship this year? Here at the Digital Citizenship Institute, we are committing to students actively engaged in digital citizenship every single day. We commit to showcasing student examples of global problem solvers who use digital citizenship for good.

We hope you’ll join us at our 4th Annual Digital Citizenship Summit at Webster University in collaboration with METC for a Weekend of Digital Citizenship.

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