Who We Are

The Digital Citizenship Institute is committed to promoting social good through the use of social media and technology. We are a diverse group of individuals who think differently and believe in amplifying the positive and practical applications of learning in the digital age. We partner with districts, schools, parents and organizations to provide a community approach to digital citizenship.

How Are We Different

The Digital Citizenship Institute provides a community-driven approach to educating and empowering digital citizens to create solutions in local, global and digital communities. The Institute turns negatives into positives and helps to transform participants into designers, creative thinkers, global collaborators, problem solvers and justice-oriented digital citizens.

white paper:

digital citizenship: a holistic primer


The purpose of this paper is to describe in, broad terms, the nature and purpose of Digital Citizenship, as well as how and why it has assumed a position of importance in the education of our children. This paper also considers how Digital Citizenship is currently being employed and managed in schools and the kinds of role we can expect it to play in the future.

digital citizenship defined

What is Digital Citizenship? Generally speaking, it is a term the education world has adopted to describe a broad area of inquiry and activity related to the ethics, concerns and opportunities associated with living a digital lifestyle. Digital citizenship reflects… [read more]

Digital Citizenship & #SID2017

Be A Role Model Be the same person on and offline. What you do when you think people are watching you is all about your reputation, but what you do [...]

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Getting Sneaky About Digital Citizenship

Article reposted with permission from nancywtech.com Dear Teachers, I met with a librarian friend of mine today to brainstorm ways to get digital citizenship embedded in lots of different areas of her school. She confided to me that she wanted to INFILTRATE her school with her digital citizenship efforts. Isn’t that a great word? I mean, seriously: unless you are leading a secret double life as a spy, how many times have you gotten to use that word lately? And how often have you been able to DO it? My librarian friend gave the example of when you add something to your email signature line, people just […]

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