Special thanks to all our partners & supporters.

BRAVE Girls Leadership, Inc.

Contact: Meaghan Davis, Manchester, Connecticut

BRAVE Girls Leadership, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that focuses on achieving self-empowerment through mentorship, leadership, and education in order to develop leadership and life skills. We work to provide spaces and opportunities for people to engage with their journey towards being their best self.

We are excited to be working with the Digital Citizenship Institute because we strongly believe in its mission to spread social good electronically. A social good that Digital Citizenship Institute promotes is that of empowerment which deeply aligns with BRAVE’s mission. BRAVE strives to promote self-empowerment through mentorship, education, and service in person and online. With exposure to and participation in digital spaces on the rise for all of people, especially young people, we believe it is important to support the best use digital platforms and encourage people to be the best citizen they can be, on and off line.

www.girlsarebrave.org  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  YouTube

Snapchat: @girlsareBRAVE

Digital Training Institute

Contact: Joanne Sweeney-Burke, Galway, Ireland

We are a digital training company which places a sharp focus on digital citizenship in the workplace.

The collaboration with the Digital Citizenship Institute gives an academic and evidence-based edge to our work. It also gives us an opportunity to be part of a global community of like-minded people.

www.digitaltraining.ie  |  Twitter & Twitter  |  Facebook

Snapchat: @jsbsnaps  |  Instagram: Jsbgrams


Contact: Eugenia, Tamez, Monterrey Nuevo León, México

We promote positive, responsible and safe use of internet. We write, translate and present workshops for parents, teachers and students. We build communities, consult and do media requests around positive digital citizenship and edtech content. We work with schools, private consulting and associations.

http://www.eduktech.net  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  LinkedIn


Impero are the authors of Impero Education Pro, a consolidated suite of network management, online safety and classroom control tools, designed to support IT team, empower teachers and protect students.

Impero Education Pro’s state-of-the-art online safety features support compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) by providing an additional layer of monitoring alongside traditional internet filtering.
Focused on fostering a culture of good digital citizenship in schools, Impero Education Pro’s helps schools and districts to educate students on how to behave responsibly online and what it means to be a “good digital citizen”. Real-time monitoring, incident captures and a log of all student activity flags up potentially harmful or inappropriate behavior, empowering educators to safeguard as necessary. This best practice approach, including logging incident captures to provide contextual insight, helps schools and districts to identify potential risk, respond before an incident escalates, and educate students about responsible online behavior.
Compatible with all major operating systems (including PC, Mac, Chrome and IOS), Impero Education Pro is accessed by more than 1.5 million computers, in over 90 countries worldwide. In the US alone, Impero is relied upon by over 500 school districts.

http://www.imperosoftware.com  |  Twitter  |    |  LinkedIn

social-assuritySocial Assurity, LLC

Contact: Alan Katzman, New York, New York

Social Assurity is the leading social media and digital life skills educator for high school and college students. We teach students how to create compelling content to build a positive digital presence and then how to use social networking to advance their college admissions and career opportunities.

www.socialassurity.com  |  LinkedIn  |  Google +  |  Twitter  |  Facebook

What If…?360

Contact: Matt Murrie, Irvine, California

Wi?360 engages human technology to transform complex problems into opportunities. Very excited to activate the Wi?360 8-Step Curiosity Based Learning Process to both introduce what digital citizenship is and collaboratively design actions on what it can be.

www.WhatIf360.com  |  Twitter  |  Facebook

Some testimonials about the DCI

The Digital Citizenship Institute

…takes a positive approach and are solutions-driven. They have an engaged community and harness the power of the Internet to make positive impacts.
The Digital Citizenship Institute has assembled the best and most respected minds in the field, all with a keen eye on the future. Once social media becomes fully embraced by educators, we will be empowering our students with the tools to become engaged, global citizens.
We think Digital Citizenship Institute is very aware of the pros and cons of digital spaces. The Digital Citizenship Institute uses their platform to show everyone how powerful and positive digital space can be. We also think Digital Citizen Institute also teaches digital literacy skills to improve digital spaces and digital participation to make us and the spaces we work in better.
…focuses on the positive and being proactive as opposed to “locking down” and “just say no” approaches.
…promotes positive use of the internet, creativity and safely instead of “scaring” people with all the negative stories we find on the internet.
The Digital Citizenship Institute has assembled the best and most respected minds in the field, all with a keen eye on the future. Once social media becomes fully embraced by educators, we will be empowering our students with the tools to become engaged, global citizens.