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Special thanks to all our global partners, technology platforms & supporters.

Desde la página www.ayudasparatodos.org compartimos más de 10.000 recursos gratuitos para facilitarle a personas con discapacidad el uso de tecnología, trabajar, estudiar, cocinar, vestirse, deporte, recreación y todo tipo de actividades sin barreras.

Algunos de los contenidos que encontrarás: Apps y Software especializado gratuito que facilite el uso del computador/tableta/celular. Miles de manuales y guías paso a paso para la elaboración de adaptaciones y ayudas técnicas con materiales de bajo costo que puedes conseguir fácilmente a nivel local. Curso básico de lengua de señas. Aprender braille en solo diez minutos. Consejos sobre trato adecuado y términos a usar. Manuales y guías especializados sobre discapacidad e inclusión. Enlaces a páginas y blogs con contenido especializado, noticias con los últimos desarrollos y novedades.

Las herramientas desarrolladas en esta página resultan útiles desde muchos puntos de vista; por ejemplo, un docente que se siente impotente al recibir a un estudiante ciego y que, accediendo a la sección de discapacidad visual, puede encontrar cientos de recursos que le enseñan desde cómo tratarlo bien, software para usar el computador, guías de cómo usar el celular con un lector de pantalla, cómo adaptar elementos para incluirlo en actividades deportivas y recreativas, manuales para adaptar las metodologías de enseñanza, cómo imprimir braille a bajo costo y mucho más. Esto mismo aplica a un bibliotecario, personal de servicio al cliente, líderes de la comunidad y cualquier persona que esté o pueda estar en relación con personas con discapacidad.

Nuestro equipo de trabajo está constantemente desarrollando e investigando nuevos contenidos para mantener siempre actualizada la página con los mejores recursos, tú también puedes apoyarnos enviando mediante nuestro formulario de contacto los enlaces a páginas donde podamos acceder a información especializada de accesibilidad que podemos compartir en nuestra página y redes.

Contact: Felipe Betancur, Medellín, Colombia, contacto@ayudasparatodos.org

http://www.ayudasparatodos.org/  |  Facebook  |   YouTube  |  LinkedIn

From www.ayudasparatodos.org, we  share more than 10,000 free resources to make it easier for people with disabilities to use technology, work, study, cook, dress, sport, recreation and all kinds of activities without barriers.

Some of the content you will find: Apps and Free specialized software that facilitates the use of the computer / tablet / cell phone. Thousands of manuals and step-by-step guides for developing adaptations and technical aids with low-cost materials that you can easily get locally. Basic sign language course. Learn braille in just ten minutes. Tips on proper treatment and terms to use. Manuals and specialized guides on disability and inclusion. Links to pages and blogs with specialized content, news with the latest developments and news.

The tools developed on this page are useful from many points of view; for example, a teacher who feels powerless to receive a blind student and who, by accessing the visual impairment section, can find hundreds of resources that teach him how to treat him well, software to use the computer, guides on how to use the cell phone with a screen reader, how to adapt elements to include it in sports and recreational activities, manuals to adapt teaching methodologies, how to print braille at low cost and much more. The same applies to a librarian, customer service personnel, community leaders and anyone who is or may be in relation to persons with disabilities.

Our team is constantly developing and researching new content to keep the page updated with the best resources, you can also support us by sending through our contact form the links to pages where we can access specialized accessibility information that we can share on our page and networks.

Contact: Felipe Betancur, Medellín, Colombia, contacto@ayudasparatodos.org

http://www.ayudasparatodos.org/  |  Facebook  |   YouTube  |  LinkedIn

BRAVE Girls Leadership, Inc.

Contact: Meaghan Davis, Manchester, Connecticut

BRAVE Girls Leadership, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that focuses on achieving self-empowerment through mentorship, leadership, and education in order to develop leadership and life skills. We work to provide spaces and opportunities for people to engage with their journey towards being their best self.

We are excited to be working with the Digital Citizenship Institute because we strongly believe in its mission to spread social good electronically. A social good that Digital Citizenship Institute promotes is that of empowerment which deeply aligns with BRAVE’s mission. BRAVE strives to promote self-empowerment through mentorship, education, and service in person and online. With exposure to and participation in digital spaces on the rise for all of people, especially young people, we believe it is important to support the best use digital platforms and encourage people to be the best citizen they can be, on and off line.

www.girlsarebrave.org  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  YouTube

Snapchat: @girlsareBRAVE

Digital Training Institute

Contact: Joanne Sweeney-Burke, Galway, Ireland

We are a digital training company which places a sharp focus on digital citizenship in the workplace.

The collaboration with the Digital Citizenship Institute gives an academic and evidence-based edge to our work. It also gives us an opportunity to be part of a global community of like-minded people.

www.digitaltraining.ie  |  Twitter & Twitter  |  Facebook

Snapchat: @jsbsnaps  |  Instagram: Jsbgrams


Contact: Eugenia Tamez, Monterrey Nuevo León, México

We promote positive, responsible and safe use of internet. We write, translate and present workshops for parents, teachers and students. We build communities, consult and do media requests around positive digital citizenship and edtech content. We work with schools, private consulting and associations.

http://www.eduktech.net  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  LinkedIn


Contact: Michelle Linford, Executive Director

EPIK was created with one purpose in mind: to unite parents and youth, non-profits, businesses, government entities and educational institutions to help create a deliberate digital generation.

Children today are called digital natives — they grow up using technology so much that they usually know more than their parents, often from a very early age. And yet, do they know enough to make technology a helpful tool, not their master?

Studies would show that they don’t. Youth spend between 8-11 hours a day using different media devices. Real risks such as pornography, cyberbullying, and child predators exist. And yet not all technology is problematic; in fact, never before has the use of technology been more integral to life and career preparation. Creative technology use can facilitate service and community involvement and relationship building. It is the rising generation that can help our world leverage technology’s power.

How can a generation of adults help digital natives become more deliberate and balanced in their media use? No organization can do it alone. Parents can’t do it alone. Education and policy are insufficient. And since all of us have potential pieces of the answer, the time is now to come together and involve our youth in the process of discovering lasting solutions that can help empower our youth to be deliberate digital leaders.

http://www.epik.org/  |  Twitter  |  Facebook


The iKeepSafe mission is to provide a safe digital landscape for children, schools, and families by supporting the protection of student privacy, while advancing learning in a digital culture. To support this mission, we provide data privacy certifications to technology companies, educational resources to schools, and information to the community.

The Internet Keep Safe Coalition (iKeepSafe) certifies digital products as compliant with state and federal requirements for handling protected personal information. We help organizations achieve and maintain compliance through product assessments, monthly monitoring, annual training, and assistance with remediation.

Governors, First Spouses, and State Attorneys General from throughout the United States joined with law enforcement agencies, and child safety advocates in the formation of the Internet Keep Safe Coalition (iKeepSafe) a national effort promoting the safe and healthy use of technology. iKeepSafe was founded by Jacalyn S. Leavitt, former First Lady of Utah, in 2005. Over the past decade, iKeepSafe has evolved into a leading organization trusted internationally by families, educators, and industry. Visit our resources page for parent and educator content.

https://ikeepsafe.org/  |Twitter  |  Facebook  |   YouTube  |  LinkedIn

National Association for Media Literacy Education

The National Association for Media Literacy Education is a national organization dedicated to media literacy.

The NAMLE vision is to see media literacy be highly valued by all and widely practiced as an essential life skill for the 21st Century.

NAMLE’s mission is to be the leading voice, convener and resource to foster critical thinking and effective communication for empowered media participation.

We define both education and media broadly.  Education includes both formal and informal settings, classrooms and living rooms, in school and after school, anywhere that lifelong learners can be reached.  Media includes digital media, computers, video games, radio, television, mobile media, print, and communication technologies that we haven’t even dreamed of yet.

For more information please contact: Michelle Ciulla Lipkin, Executive Director, mciullalipkin@namle.net 

https://namle.net  |Twitter


Impero are the authors of Impero Education Pro, a consolidated suite of network management, online safety and classroom control tools, designed to support IT team, empower teachers and protect students.

Impero Education Pro’s state-of-the-art online safety features support compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) by providing an additional layer of monitoring alongside traditional internet filtering.
Focused on fostering a culture of good digital citizenship in schools, Impero Education Pro’s helps schools and districts to educate students on how to behave responsibly online and what it means to be a “good digital citizen”. Real-time monitoring, incident captures and a log of all student activity flags up potentially harmful or inappropriate behavior, empowering educators to safeguard as necessary. This best practice approach, including logging incident captures to provide contextual insight, helps schools and districts to identify potential risk, respond before an incident escalates, and educate students about responsible online behavior.
Compatible with all major operating systems (including PC, Mac, Chrome and IOS), Impero Education Pro is accessed by more than 1.5 million computers, in over 90 countries worldwide. In the US alone, Impero is relied upon by over 500 school districts.

http://www.imperosoftware.com  |  Twitter  |   LinkedIn

Our Global Classroomogc

Our Global Classroom believes in One World, One Classroom. We live in a world where education depicts the future of its successors. As educators, teaching allows us to change the lives of children, to make them worthy citizens; show them how to be empathetic and to prepare them for the future. Our Global Classroom leads and supports how to innovate the curriculum and integrate the world into every classroom.

The Our Global Classroom Educational Programs and workshops provide an International Educational Development journey that creates a pathway for educators to teach the curriculum in a broader, global and sustainable way. Educators are provided with active, hands on, real life learning experiences and resources that can be aligned to any curriculum.

Our Global Classroom is committed to the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and has the most engaged Flipgrid responses around the world on this topic.

https://ourglobalclassroom.com/ |  Twitter  |  Our GlobalClassroom Flipgrid |  LinkedIn

Resources in Flow

Resources in Flow help sustain the flow of resources that businesses and organizations apply to benefit mankind. We know that accessing a sustainable, and secure, supply of raw materials is indispensable to the effective functioning of industries worldwide. So also is the securing and retaining of the best human capital or the best management or marketing systems. All are equally necessary for the long-term sustainability of organizations. Our primary business, therefore, is to help companies and institutions globally secure reliable and unhindered access to the human, material and digital resources they need to run their businesses and keep them successful.

As an organizational partner of the Digital Citizenship Institute, we organized and held the first Digital Citizenship Summit in Nigeria. We support the idea of digital citizenship because we understand the extraordinary influence digital technologies are having in our modern world to the extent that as the interaction between digitization and the globalization of our planet grows, it impacts the way we live, do business, learn and interact with our planet, and the materials that comprise it. We believe that digital citizenship will be a crucial ingredient for balance in the emerging integration of human and digital mediums. Resources in flow serves public and private clients by partnering with them to address their fundamental needs and achieve their missions and goals. We provide a combination of services including program/project planning and management, event management, supply chain management and strategic consulting services.

http://resourcesinflow.com/  |  http://digcitsummitng.com/

social-assuritySocial Assurity, LLC

Contact: Alan Katzman, New York, New York

Social Assurity is the leading social media and digital life skills educator for high school and college students. We teach students how to create compelling content to build a positive digital presence and then how to use social networking to advance their college admissions and career opportunities.

www.socialassurity.com  |  LinkedIn  |  Google +  |  Twitter  |  Facebook

Some testimonials about the DCI

The Digital Citizenship Institute

…takes a positive approach and are solutions-driven. They have an engaged community and harness the power of the Internet to make positive impacts.
The Digital Citizenship Institute has assembled the best and most respected minds in the field, all with a keen eye on the future. Once social media becomes fully embraced by educators, we will be empowering our students with the tools to become engaged, global citizens.
We think Digital Citizenship Institute is very aware of the pros and cons of digital spaces. The Digital Citizenship Institute uses their platform to show everyone how powerful and positive digital space can be. We also think Digital Citizen Institute also teaches digital literacy skills to improve digital spaces and digital participation to make us and the spaces we work in better.
…focuses on the positive and being proactive as opposed to “locking down” and “just say no” approaches.
…promotes positive use of the internet, creativity and safely instead of “scaring” people with all the negative stories we find on the internet.
The Digital Citizenship Institute has assembled the best and most respected minds in the field, all with a keen eye on the future. Once social media becomes fully embraced by educators, we will be empowering our students with the tools to become engaged, global citizens.